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Pollution Prevention & Sustainability P2Rx Info Resources

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Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx™) Information Resources

Ongoing Projects

Zero Waste Connection - A professional social network of zero waste program managers and staff from federal, state, and local programs, as well as independent experts.
Green Lodging Calculator - Estimate the financial and environmental benefits from sustainable lodging practices.
National Sustainable Lodging Network - An online community of sustainable hospitality practitioners to foster networking, improve access to resources and services, and foster innovation through the exchange of ideas.
Topic Hubs™ - Guides to web-based P2 resources specific to particular subjects.

Archived Resources

A & P2 Program Directory - Information on government-based environmental assistance and P2 programs in the Northeast.
A & P2 Results - Resources to support measurement of outputs and outcomes of assistance and pollution prevention, including the National P2 Results Data System.
Northeast Pollution Prevention & Sustainability News - A newsletter that covered P2, sustainability, and compliance assistance government activities in the Northeast.
A & P2 Activities Database - Search here to find out what assistance and P2 activities have taken or are taking place in the Northeast.
Innovative P2 Technology Profiles - Compiled and distilled profile information on the operation and benefits of innovative P2 technologies.

Resources from Other P2Rx Centers

P2Rx National Network - Access any of the resources available from other P2Rx Centers, as well as national information resources.
Tribal P2 - The Tribal P2 portal is a resource and showcase for P2 efforts. A collaborative effort between various partners, the website is targeted to tribal leaders and environmental managers looking to learn more about P2, including resource conservation and best management practices.
Homes Across America - Homes across America provides a vehicle to share information among homebuyers, builders, designers, and technical assistance providers on sustainable construction practices, innovations, and resource efficient features. It includes a searchable showcase of resource efficient homes and contacts across the nation.
P2 Libraries - Links to national P2 Libraries to which NEWMOA contributes.

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