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Many towns use the property taxes and/or a flat fee to fund their waste management services. Save Money and Reduce Trash (SMART) programs are different; they charge residents for waste disposal based on the amount they throw away. SMART programs are known by other names, including unit-based pricing (UBP) and pay-as-you-throw (PAYT). Under a SMART system, residents that produce less trash are not subsidizing those that produce more. Communities that have implemented SMART find it is an effective incentive-based program that reduces waste disposal and increases recycling.

NEWMOA is working with waste management authorities in three rural areas of New Hampshire and Vermont to promote SMART strategies to their communities. NEWMOA is developing case studies and outreach material and holding a series of informational meetings and training workshops . NEWMOA is also developing an online SMART toolkit for rural communities.

  • Case Studies: documents the experiences of 10 rural communities that have implemented SMART, including before/after data when available
  • Outreach Brochures: outlines the benefits of SMART for municipalities and information on implementing a program, including case studies and advice from rural communities
  • Workshop Presentations: presentations from outreach workshops held for various regional rural community audiences, including municipal representatives and transfer station operators
  • SMART Toolkit for Rural Communities: an information resource for developing and implementing a SMART program

For more information, contact Jennifer Griffith at



Last Modified 08/22/2014

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